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STYLOSPOT is the fastest growing lifestyle and business social network,which has every thing
you need to achieve your goals and live more stylo life, meet and greet with friends, make new
connections for life, share your thoughts, live the way you want and unleash your income potential !
Getting Together
Do you have an online community with an active user base or a large number of regular visitors?
Create your own social network using a proven model brought to you by cynosure private limited .

It's quick...
In just a few days we seamlessly integrate our technology into your site and connect you to our vast and ever-growing user base.
It's free...
You don't have to waste any more money on things like content, serving, hosting, moderation and user support we take care of it all for you.
It makes money...
Besides making money from various pay services, you also keep existing revenue sources such as advertising.

FAQ for partners
General Questions

What is Cynosure ?
Cynosure private limited is a social network technology provider with a number of different website communities that cater to all kinds of people, interests, and desires. Cynosure has a proven track record for successful delivery of social networking communities since 2006.
What are the advantages of an online social network?
When you include an online social network on your website, users end up spending more time on your site and return with much greater frequency. These communities are traditionally the most popular and most visited sites on the Internet.
Why use the Cynosure Network?
Cynosure partner solutions provide a myriad of services to partners, including our technology, our large user base, hosting, serving and moderation at no cost. Our moderators and support personnel who work around the clock to ensure quality content and keep everything running smoothly. We have servers located in the United Kingdom and United States with fully redundant connections to the major Internet backbones providing completely uninterrupted service.
Who can become a partner?
Your website must meet all of the following requirements in order for us to consider partnership:
+ Provide high quality unique content
+ Have a stylish and functional design
+ Receive at least 5,000 unique visitors per day
If you feel your website meets all our requirements then please contact us so that we can review your website to see if it is suitable.
How do I make money?
Cynosure offers various optional instant pay services. You make money whenever your members utilize these features. This is a supplement to your current revenue made from advertising and other services. Plus you can keep track of all of your site's sales and statistics using online partner interfaces.

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