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STYLOSPOT is the fastest growing lifestyle and business social network,which has every thing
you need to achieve your goals and live more stylo life, meet and greet with friends, make new
connections for life, share your thoughts, live the way you want and unleash your income potential !
No Scam
Many so called MLM companies offer training and support to ensure an individual's success, But we don’t, as we are here for collective betterment & we are not MLM. We are very busy in innovations, we even don’t offer any sort of fake training as we are telling each and every thing here on our portal; sound’s bad ! No not at all ! We want to clearly mention here that actually we are neither MLM nor a pyramid business which show people big dreams and ask them to sell some products in ten time market rates then their actual market worth… or ask to their Members to do some money investments. You can see that they will never offer any thing free of cost; as actually they are selling nothing ; they have nothing for them selves ; they don’t even tell reality about the owners of their companies ; we all knows many MLM scams in which so called companies asked to people that they have to purchase gold watches or have to book Gold coins in advance etc., They are claiming that they are European company; You will wonder if you check the independent data on world’s most respected web for internet data; www.alexa.com that;
the so called gold watch seller company is actually having more then 91 percent business from Pakistan. It’s like a joke that a european company is not having a penny business in euorope as per alexa.com; there all users are from non-eu countries like Pakistan 91.1 %, Bahrain 0.8% & Other countries Like Uae 8.1 %. see here alexa data chart about so called gold watch seller mlm company. This is seen on alexa.com on 27-dec-2009.

Country %User
Pakistan 91.1%
Bahrain 0.8%
  Other 8.1%

What it shows?
Its shows that they can flew away any time from any where?
As they have no office in Pakistan officially and they are not using legal ways for money transfers in Pakistan as well; they are using PayPal as there payment method, as per Paypal official statements on paypal.com. Paypal says;
  1. Payments through paypal are illegal for any MLM business.
  2. Paypal is not dealing in pakistan for any kind of payment till now.
So friends beware of Fake MLM companies! let us make you clear again we are neither MLM nor a pyramid business but   you can join us as to unleash your income potential.
The direct sales industry
The direct sales industry represents approximately $30 Billion in sales in the United Sates, around $114 Billion worldwide and growing. People of all backgrounds and ages have enjoyed success in this industry. STYLOSPOT celebrates your right to choose the life you want to lead. This means balancing your work around family and lifestyle needs. It's about loving what you do, earning what you want, feeling appreciated and valued, learning from positive, uplifting people, and being rewarded and recognized.

Our sales team is online on our web to your help 24 /7/365.
So if you have any question! Ask them, they will help you!
If you need to talk sales team, you can call on our help line 021.34890900
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